Sunday, December 1, 2013

Clif-Notes: Now You See Me

When I first saw a trailer for this one, I figured it's be a big flop cuz nobody wants to see the Facebook douche as a magician, somehow stealing money from banks and just being an all around nuisance (or at least I didn't). What I got was much better than expected, though still nothing worth running to.
Now You See Me is the story of four magicians (in one way or another) who are brought together by a mystery person. A year later, they are the biggest magic act on the scene. As their first of three final acts, they rob a man's back from across the globe. As the feds (Mark Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent) get involved, they begin chasing after the Four Horsemen (original) and soon find that they are always two steps behind this silly show that has to be more than they see. Cuz magic isn't real, right? -dun dun dun-
The movie isn't anything amazing and I'm glad I waited until after the theater run but it was worth a watch. I won't give anything away but I will say that this was one of the few movies that won me ovber with it's ending more than the rest of the movie. I was having some problems with the story and decisions characters were making but by the end, you see it all in another light and it does make more sense. Again, nothing too grand but it definitely won me over with it's reveals. Which is the perfect way for a magic show to end.

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