Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NB of the Week

Co-Winners Of The Week Edition!

Powers: Bureau #8
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Drawn by Mike Avon Oeming

Hawkeye #14
Written by Matt Fraction
Drawn by Annie Wu

What these two issue did this week was prove that real, down to Earth, human dialogue will always win out for me over big story plots. No offense to Hickman and the ending of Infinity but it wasn't even close.
Over in Powers we get the start of a new story in which the super-team The Circle (which is lead by The Extreme, an obvious play on Cable and his old X-Force team and I'm assuming a little poke at Liefeld as well) is murdered except for one, who demands to only talk to Christian Walker. Meanwhile, something seems to infect Retro Girl and she is having massive problems gaining control over herself in any fashion.
In Hawkeye, the issues have now begun their split-focus with every other issue switching between Clint and Kate, this one starting with Kate. Having taken Lucky with her (I'm still partial to the name Pizza Dog) and leaving Clint for LA, she tries to start her own life as a crime-fighter. What that starts with is the finding of a thief who stole some rare flowers from a floral shop after the shop refused to sell 'em because they were special for a wedding (of whom Kate has befriended those two grooms-to-be, hence how this all began.). She's a bit out of her league in that she hasn't really practiced his solo, investigation stuff but by the end, she gets the thief, who it turns was working for Madame Masque who is looking for Kate after their earlier debacle (in the Annual from a few months ago).
In premise, these stories are nothing grand or even overtly creative but what they both have is amazing dialogue. Bendis, though causing his stories to sometimes suffer, has shown over and over that dialogue is important to him. What he writes is absolutely authentic sounding. You don't even really notice the story goes nowhere because you love reading it so much.
Fraction, on the other hand, has a knack for slow progression included in his dialogue. It's witty and funny and often filled with lines that you kinda miss until a few panels later. Much like with Clint Barton, he has turned Kate into a person instead of a character. They may be (Young)Avengers but under the work of Fraction, her and Clint are nothing more than human. These are people that we could be talking to every morning at the water cooler (if you have a water cooler near by). If more writers were able to write this realistically, I would be broke withing the first month.

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