Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Preacher Revival?

Word is that the amazing Garth Ennis comic Preacher is being picked for a pilot at AMC with Seth Rogen set to produce. For those that are comically-challenged, Preacher is the story of a preacher (duh) named Jesse Custer who bonds with an entity known as Genesis (the offspring of a demon and an angel) which in turn gives him "The Word" (forcing anybody do whatever he says). He then embarks across anywhere he needs to find answers, along with his vampire friend Cassidy and his trigger-happy ladyfriend Tulip. It's a brilliant comic from start to finish and if ya like yourself some good 'ol mature reading, look no further. Which brings me to my only problem. There's a lot of tv-unfriendly things in this book. And not just violence and harsh language. Garth Ennis is pretty much known for his adult themed writing and it's kinda hard to imagine a lot of key moments being used. As Walking Dead has shown, it's not always a problem and they could definitely figure out ways around it but Walking Dead ain't no Preacher. We're talking about things like incest, beastiality and God biting out eyes (well maybe just one but still). I love the book and would love to see any incarnation of it put to live action but I'm obviously hoping for a better one over a shitty one.

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