Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NB of the Week


100 Bullets: Brother Lono #6 (of 8)

Written by Brian Azzarello
Drawn by Eduardo Risso

Last we saw, Lono was stepping up and trying to do right, but as he stood against Craneo, thug-turned-ally Paulo steps behind him, holding a gun out. His friendship seemly a ruse. Or is it?...
When this issue starts, Paulo starts shooting at the car Craneo is in, past the head of Lono. He's going to protect this orphanage and kids no matter the cost. As Craneo drives off for the inevitable backup, everybody gathers back in the church as Paulo reveals he knows the secret of Sister June. He got the gun from her because she's DEA and came her for Craneo, his crew and their whole operation. Just as it's all coming to light, Craneo arrives again with more in tow. At first, the priest goes out to try and talk sense into them. Paulo them follows in order to save him and the children. As a last ditch, the priest warns them that the DEA is here and is watching them, which only sets them off into a larger rage. Out of nowhere, shots fire, men begin to fall and Lono has stolen a car, claiming he's the DEA, forcing the gang to leave the church and children and chase after. He's doing right but it feels so unnatural. He knows it's not like him to ever run. As June and Paulo and the kids all come together, the priest finds a scooter and says he has to go after them. That before all this, he heard Lono's confession. He knows what Lono was and what he's likely to do to his captors.
"Paulo... Your friends have no idea what they're going to do. What they have... What he will submit to just to get their measure. Only God can torture the devil. Your friends... I have to save them."
And with that, we're left with this haunting eyeline. Lono is back and the dog is about to be let off the leash.
Ive said it with this mini before and it deserves repeating: Azzarello is writing this like he never ended 100 Bullets. It's grit and crime to a perfect point and I can only hope that more minis come after this one.

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