Friday, July 25, 2014

(Extra Late)NB of the Week

(I thought I did this Wednesday but I was apparently wrong)

Original Sin - Thor & Loki: the Tenth Realm #2
Written by Jason Aaron & Al Ewing
Drawn by Lee Garbett & Simone Bianchi

Original Sin has seen the death of the Watcher and with that murder, Uatu's eyes have unlocked secrets around the Marvel Universe. One of two minis that are tied directly into the main mini is Thor & Loki. After bringing Angela over from Image's Spawn, we finally get told her she's connected: she is the half-sister of Thor, daughter of Odin and belongs to the lost Tenth Realm of Heven where she was raised with Angels. As the Wingless One, Angela had become their greatest warrior until Age of Ultron ripped her from her home, stranding her on Midgard. Thor and Loki have traveled to Heven looking for their sister but all they found were really pissed off Angels. As Thor beats the beauties, Loki slips away to speak to their queen. But as they begin their little chess match of words, Angela returns to Heven. Facing Thor, unknowing of their connection, Angela is ready to throw down.
I'm not very familiar with Al Ewing's writing. I've read some Mighty Avengers and it wasn't the best but no means would I say it was terrible. Jason Aaron on the other hand, is amazing (as anybody who has heard me speak of God of Thunder knows). Put the two together on a series that involves Thor and Loki finding their lost sister and you have my interest. Making this issue even better is that it turns out that Al Ewing wrote this issue, which outta the two has actually been the better one. Maybe Mighty hasn't hit me that hard but I'm definitely willing to take more chances with his name attached to 'em. No matter what writer you want to read here, you're going to get a solid story with great art. Plus it's Thor and Angela.

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