Thursday, July 3, 2014

(Late) NB of the Week


Miles Morales: the Ultimate Spider-Man #3
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Drawn by David Marquez

The Ultimate Universe seems to be slowly going downhill. Odd way to start this but it's true. In the UU, dead supposedly means dead. That includes a lot of main and big names. Wolverine, Captain America (maybe), Cyclops, Xavier, Magneto (a whole lot of X-Men, actually). And Peter Parker. Or so we thought. Among all the down that has been happening in these titles, Brian Michael Bendis has stayed consistent and great with Spider-Man. After the death of Pete, young Miles Morales picked up the mantle, having been given powers by another spider from Oscorp (it may sound cheesy and repetitive but it all fit extremely well). Since then he has been trying to find his place in this hero filled world and trying to balance his family with it (his uncle was the cause for his powers and a big villain and his mother was killed indirectly by Venom). So what does this new title bring in? The return of Norman Osborn for starts. Which isn't too much a surprise since after he killed Pete, he grinned for us all, hinting at the inevitable return but this is Miles first time with him. But what about Pete? Well, that's the tricky part. Peter Parker is apparently still alive and wants his web shooters back. After a little tussle, Peter gets what he wants, leaving Miles completely confused. And now Osborn has his sights set on the new Spider-Men.
Truthfully, not much happened in this issue but Bendis has done such an amazing job setting up these characters that it doesn't hurt at all. Every issue is a positive and I can't wait to read where it's going. Could this be the real Peter Parker? How would Aunt May and Gwen react to this? What's Miles going to do now that the original Spider-Man is back? And if it's not Peter, I really hope Miles brings some ass-kicking because that's a low blow. Over a decade of Bendis on this title and each issue still feels as fresh and new as the first time. This is probably what Madonna was really singing about in Like A Virgin.

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