Thursday, July 23, 2015

NB of the Week


Archie vs. Predator
Written by Alex de Campi
Drawn by Fernando Ruiz

For the longest time, the Archie/Punisher team-up was up there on the list of strangest crossover events of all time. Well, thanks to Dark Horse and Archie Comics, we get another (not to mention the just released Archie vs. Sharknado). After winning a trip to a lavish beach resort on their spring break, Archie and the \gang think they're in for a great time in the sun. But soon enough, Betty runs off into the jungle and finds a creepy looking cave and of course enters. Inside, she finds an ancient sacrificial knife that she accidentally takes back with her. And with that knife, follows a deadly hunter. Through the next three issues, the Predator systematically kills everybody off, including Sabrina (of the Teenage Witch variety) and sure enough Jughead. Eventually, Archie is slashed by the Predator's duel blades and Betty and Veronica are left to finish it. They drag Archie to the panic room in Veronica's mansion (did I mention that was the place of battle?) and hook him up to a machine that accidentally injects him with far too much... whatever it was they injected into him and they go off to finish the Predator. The ancient knife demands another sacrifice and they're gonna go out fighting. When in jumps Archie! All 'roided up and ready to fight. Veronica joins in but is quickly stabbed through the stomach! Betty joins the battle and quickly loses her arm for it! Archie kneels, defeated when the Predator slices and dices through his head, killing our beloved Archie! With a club to the head and a stab to the chest, Betty and Veronica soon defeat the Predator and end the cursed knife. However, they can't bare to lose all their friends so they take the still living Predator back to the panic room and begin to turn the predator into their loved Archie
The End.
This was the first ever Archie comics that I not only bought but even read. I've never read the Punisher book but may have to look for it now. This mini was great. Seeing the Riverdale gang filled with blood and guts and decapitation and spine ripping is hilarious. Not in the "violence is funny" way but in the "so damn ridiculous" way. This is one of those titles that should be read and talked about for years to come. Like Aunt May getting cosmic powers and being the Golden Oldie. It's that level and ridiculous. And Awesome.

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