Thursday, June 16, 2016

Oh Marvel, How Fall You Have Fallen

Anybody else reading Marvel's Civil War II? If not, so far, I suggest skipping it. While complaints could be made against the first Civil War story, I feel it had something legitimate to say about the prospects of vigilantism if it were to be scrutinized realistically. Here, not so much.
The premise is one that right off the ground doesn't feel strong enough to cause strife amongst the heroes: after the Terrigen Mists were released on the world, any person with any Inhuman DNA has been changed into a Nuhuman (fancy terms). one such young man has been given the power of precognition. His visions of the future just got (SPOILERS) War Machine and (maybe)She-Hulk killed. Iron Man leads a fight against using said powers to stop what is to come while Captain Marvel (now part of the Alpha Flight space team that stops threats before they can get to Earth) believes they should use them. That's the argument.
In the newest issue (issue 2), Stark breaks into Attilan (a sovereign nation), kidnaps this kid and proceeds to torture him to find how the power works. No, I'm not making that up. This Avenger who calls himself a futurist, kidnapped a minor, tied him to a chair and tortured him because using his powers is bad.
Marvel better have a shit ton more up their sleeve because right now, they've clearly been making shit as they go.

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