Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NB of the Week

Old Man Logan #8
Written by Jeff Lemire
Drawn by Andrea Sorrentino
The X-Men have always been my favorite. Their comics and writing may not be, but as a team, my loyalty stands firm. If you were a fan of them in the 90's as I was, there are likely three things that you will always get the love-chills from when you come across em:
1) Those amazing yellow and blue costumes. Stupid though they may look now, those were a huge, defining part of them. Rogue's belt that was always too big yet stayed on her hips no matter what. Cyclops' very useful pouches that strapped themselves every which way around his shoulders. Jean's stylish head gear that protected her forehead and nothing much else. They were the epitome of cool and anything they wore only solidified that.
2) The animated series. Fact: the minutes you read that, you started running the theme music through your head. It's ok. We all did. The 90's cartoon was the coolest cartoon around. From Morph yelling "Wolverine! Pull Back!" to the chillingly cool echo that Sinister had when he healed, we sat through every episode, good and bad, with immense anticipation. While fans may argue that there are other comic cartoons that were better, none stood taller in my eyes.
3) Wolverine and Jubilee. These two had one of the best relationships at the time. A child with no family to call her own and a loner with a heart of stone. The two worked. We ached with Jubilee as she read the goodbye note after Wolverine left the X-Men and ever since, the companionship just hasn't been there.
But we can now have hope.
In this week's Old Man Logan, we get Young Jean Grey taking Wolverine through the locations of the villains' uprising from his future. She's trying to show him that simply by being here in this world, his timeline is already off. Dead people are alive. The Xavier school is now in Limbo. And friends are still there to help. Including little miss Jubilation Lee.

With this picture, my heart grew three sizes this day. I know it's nothing big. I know out Logan is dead and this is an alternate future version. I know Jubilee was a vampire and really, really sucked for the last 15 years. I also how damn good it felt to see these two back together. And that's enough for me.

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