Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NB of the Week

Uncanny X-Force #34 - Final Execution: Chapter Ten
Written by Rick Remender
Drawn by Phil Noto


I've tried to not love this book so much. I want to give other titles a fair chance, I really do. But sometimes you just can't help but love that which you love and I think I have found that love.
Evan has donned the Apocalypse suit and now the Shadow King will be able to control him and take everything that Brotherhood has ever wanted. But this is mother-flippin' X-Force. EVA is going after Nightcrawler for putting his revenge ahead of the team (Hell, ahead of the world's safety) but even after she stabs him through the torso, he 'ports away, grabbing his "mother" Mystique and heading off somewhere else. Psylock takes down the Omegas and Shadow King, cuz she's a ninja badass. Those were cool but not the big parts.
As Evan goes after Skinless Man, Skinless leads him to the dead body of his dead Uncle Cluster, Fantomex. He offers Evan Fantomex's heart,m saying that he can still bring him back but then crushes it just to disappoint him. Well the jokes on him, for as he turns and runs, good 'ol Wade is standing there, now shoving a sword through Skinless' neck.
"That's for Fantomex. Probably goes without saying."
Deadpool then goes and frees Wolverine before he drowns. As Deadpool tries to give him the rundown, Logan just walks away. With his son Daken already making his escape, it's safe to assume he's following. As the two meet again, Wolverine does his best to stay in check and not let the rage out. Daken doesn't fare as well and Logan knows the only way out is the hard way. After some good slashin' from both sides, Logan turns the table and shoves his son down, submerging him in water. Daken's words from the last issue about wanting a normal life with his parents repeat as Logan sees those visions, crossed between him killing his son. Until both slip away. As Logan holds the dead body of his son, Sabretooth comes up, revealing that he set all this up for this moment. He wants Logan to see this in his head for every night to come. In comes Evan, beating the loving crap outta Victor until Wolverine pulls him off.
"Look around you, son. This is revenge. This is what it gets."
The team rejoins on their ship along with the body of Fantomex and Evan. Psylock leaves her sword behind. Wade sits, finally not making a wisecrack. And Wolverine, still messed up and not healed, is left with his thoughts of a family that should have been.
I really can't say anything new here that I haven't already said many times before. I'll probably cry once this series is over (one more issue still) but shall always have it to reread over and over. As you should too.

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