Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NB of the Week

Uncanny X-Force #33
Written By - Rick Remender
Drawn By - Phil Noto
Everything is coming to it's end. As the Brotherhood tries to take Evan as their new leader and sway him into becoming Apocalypse one more, Wolverine and the gang try their best to save him, as well as the world. Wolverine and Daken have a surprisingly pleasant talk about not being a part of each other's lives. AoA Nightcrawler teleports a shark into AoA Blob (for killing his wife, naturally). Daken decides to show Evan that killing Wolverine is easy when all you have to do is drown him. He then beats the snot outta Even for not killing him in order to save Wolverine (nice double-edged sword there) and leaves him with the still beaten Deadpool. Even feels he has no choice to save anybody except for putting on the dreaded Apocalypse suit and giving into his power.
We have one more issue left next month before Remender's run is finished and Uncanny X-Force is relaunched as part of the Marvel NOW! banner and I couldn't be more excited. Saddened too, obviously, but so excited to see what's in store for this ending. Remender has crafted a near perfect series for the last 3 years and everything has been slowly building up to this. I've said it this whole time and I shall continue to say it now: read this book.

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