Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NB of the Week

Masters of the Universe: The Origin of Skeletor #1
Written By - Joshua Hale Fialkov
Drawn By - Frazer Irving
To go along with the mini that DC has used to launch the MoTU property, they have decided to start some one-shots that retell character origins (though He-Man and Skeletor may actually be the only two planned) and they could have started off with a better one.
 The issue begins with the extremely gnarly (yeah, I just used the word gnarly) shot of Keldor's face beginning to burn off, no word at all as to how it actually happened. Through the burning the issue, we get flashbacks of him as a child, along with 1/2-brother to Randor. As the bastard child of the king and a "sub-human", Keldor has no claim to the throne, even as the first born son. As a soldier of Hordak comes for the prince, Keldor defends his brother. Even though Rando wants to give credit to Keldor as it should be, Keldor lets the king give to Randor, as with everything else in life. As the current, burning Keldor slums his way to the throne room, he is met by King Randor. Having lost all hope of ever being help by the kingdom, Keldor stabs his brother as he tries to help him, claiming "we shant meet again". As Keldor disappears with the bloody knife (needing the blood of Randor for some reason), we see he has went for the aid of the evil Hordak. In a scene strait from Star Wars, Hordak has turned Keldor into his apprentice, the sworn enemy of the Kingdom Eternia: Skeletor!
The issue's first two pages set the mood perfectly;
"And so this is the death of Keldor. First son of King Miro, brother to King Randor.
The Scientist.
The Scholar.
The General.
The obvious heir to the throne of Eternia. The half-breed bastard child of a king and a creature the world has deemed sub-human. I fancy other names for myself.
Keldor the Mighty.
Keldor the Destroyer.
Keldor the King.
Instead it will be Keldor the Fallen. Keldor the Weak. Keldor the Liar.
Keldor the Betrayer.
I will make this right. I will fix my legacy."
Not only was this an amazing retooling of Skeletor's origin, but the writing and art were flippin' pinpoint. each word added more hatred to the fallen son Keldor. Each page brought to life the grim world that he lives in. If this is what DC has in store for the Masters of the Universe world, count me in. and if they decide to put Fialkov onto an ongoing for it, they will get my money each issue.

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