Friday, October 12, 2012

Clif-Notes: Argo

Ben Affleck should stick to directing and his acting should be limited to only those movies. I said it with The Town and Argo just reaffirms it.
During the Iranian revolution in 1979, amid all the American hostages taken, six were able to sneak out the back and were lucky enough to find shelter in the Canadian Ambassador's house. Ten months later, the government calls on a CIA extractor (Ben Affleck) to concoct a plan to get in there and get em out before they are found and killed. His idea? He comes in, posing as a movie producer and gets them out as they all pretend to be part of the movie crew. It's based on a real story that was classified until Clinton declassified it in 1997.
This was an amazing movie. I'm not one to get down into the crevices of how a movie is made or what technicalities are there but whatever was used, absolutely worked. Tense is probably the best word to describe Argo. I felt scared and nervous throughout the movie for these characters. Every corner was looked at with skepticism, every stare from another person was terrifying. It was a movie where you could just feel the tension and every word could be that last spark that sets the entire plan ablaze.
And the dark humor was perfectly placed. There weren't that many people in the theater and I was probably the youngest one in the bunch but I was the only one laughing. At all. Through the entire movie. Apparently you're not allowed to laugh at lynch mobs but that's exactly what should happen.
Plain and simple, see this movie. It was great. I'm not the best wordsmith so those are about how well I can say it. Amazing. Awesome. Totally sweet.
And if you don't wanna see the movie, to take a phrase from the movie, you can Argo-Fuck-Yourself.

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