Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NB of the Week

Run Down Time

Artifacts #22 - Blood Rites: Part 1
Tom Judge is still trying to find the place in this new universe for the 13 Artifacts. Working for the FBI, Judge gets the call to check out a murder, which turns out to be the first in a group of sacrifices. The one behind it all? Satan. I think. Or at least a big demon that Judge is familiar with. Marz's writing is amazing and the painting of Stjepan Sejic is breath-taking. Literally. I choked.

Avengers #32 - End Times: 2
An emergency signal from an Avenger's beacon has come in but it's an old one. And it's coming from Inner Space (not the movie). And it's location is the exact spot where The Wasp was killed. And that's because it's her signal from Inner Space and she's still alive. Not a real big surprise but it's good to have her back.

Captain America #19
Steve visits William Burnside (the Cap from the 50s while Steve was frozen) to try and relieve him of his burden. His fight is done and it's time to get the rest he deserves while others take the weight of it. And with that good bye, we get the final issue of Ed Brubaker's brilliant eight year run on Cap. It's been an amazing ride and this farewell is no disappointment.

FF #23 - Run
Another finale to a great series, Older Franklin from the future does his best to give the while family a great sendoff before he finally leaves them. A lot of good wrap-ups for Hickman's run on the Future Foundation. It's a shame Fraction is changing it completely for the relaunch (a team now consisting of Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Medusa and Miss Thing - a lady in a Thing suit...)

Punisher: War Zone #1 (of 5)
With the last issue of regular Punisher, Frank has been framed for the murder of some cops. Spider-Man feels it's time the Avengers finally step in a show that it's not alright for him to continue killing. Yeah, good luck with that message, Spidey. Rucka begins his last story before Punisher gets messed up and joins the new Thunderbolts (consisting of Red Hulk, Deadpool and Elektra... Yay.)

Red Lanterns #13 - Eyes Without a Face
After her family is killed and she's taken by a gang as a slave, a young lady finds her hatred to be enough to call the Red Lanterns to come and find her the justice she seeks (in awesome, brutal fashion). Too bad the Third Army comes along and try to stops them. This is the concept I've been waiting for. They sold me this book based on the premise that the Red Lanterns would be seeking justice for the rage they felt from everywhere and this is it. Awesome issue and I hope it stays down this path.

Secret Avengers #33 - Rise of the Descendants
Remender begins to bring the series to it's end (before another relaunch) in loud, Remender fashion. Father and his robot followers are taking everything they need in order to finally see his master plan finally happen. Can the Secret Avengers stop it before it's too late? Probably.

Ultimates #17 - United We Stand: Part Two
Turns out Thor's son, Modi has an Infinity Gem (or at least the Mind Gem, not quite sure if the Infinity Gems all exist in the Ultimate-verse) and he uses it to his fullest, taking control of many civilians and his dear old daddy. Can Cap and the Avengers stop Thor and his son before Modi remakes America as his new Asgard? Probably.

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