Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NB of the Week

Hawkeye #3 - Cherry
Written By - Matt Fraction
Drawn By - David Aja
As a matter of perspective, I own 4 issues of the Vision, 15 of Black Widow, 21 of the Sentry, 67 of Iron Man, 141 of Hulk, 143 of Thor and 161 of Captain America. Hell, I even have five issues of She-Hulk and she is literally just Hulk with boobs (though that's not as bad when I put it like that...). Including this issue #3, I now have three issues of a solo Haweye. It half pleases and half pains me to admit that this is easily the best 'Avengers' book being put out right now.
Each issue has been simple, one-shot stories setting up the man behind the mask and it's an approach that's nailing it outta the park. In this issue, we get Clint as he shows us the many mistakes one man can make in a day. Sexy ladies. Sex with ladies. Trick arrows. Track-suit bad guys (apparently a common thing to wear) who call every one "Bro". Not to mention the best placed censor ever in a comic (as shown at the bottom).
Matt Fraction has made Hawkeye a relevant Avenger again. He's always been a second-rate, team player in my book. I enjoyed him in the movie and am more than willing to give him chances but it's never worked for me like it does here. He's an every-man like no other Avenger can be and Fraction makes him somebody you want to relate to. I read elsewhere that he is the Han Solo or the Mal Reynolds of the team and I couldn't agree more. You want to hear the crazy tales he spouts, not caring if they're even true or not.
It's quick, it's witty, it's brilliant story-telling. This is everything that a character like Hawkeye can be and I'm hoping that my collection number on him does nothing but grow for a long time (assuming they don't change writers on us).

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