Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NB of the Week

Show me where the bathroom is cuz I've got me the

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #17
To stop Krang from taking over Smada City on Planet Neutrino, King Zenter needs Professor Honeycutt back. Problem is, his body is dead and he is now Fugitiod and on Earth. Long story short, they get him but accidentally get the Turtles as well. Bring on the interplanetary war!

Before Watchmen
Rorschach #3
Rorschach is a little crazy and wants to beat the hell outta Rawhead before Rawhead does it to him. Too bad the guy killing all the women is still out there. Not much story but it's awesome, crazy violence.
Dr. Manhattan #3
Manhattan realizes that all these alternate lives of him are all splintered from him and one choice. So he travels back to make sure that all the correct choices are made to correct the timeline. Will it work? I'm gonna guess not.

Ultimate X-Men #20
Having freed the mutants, Kitty is the leader of mutant kind (being only about 20 left after the government offered all a cure) and has inner trouble. They have a reservation they were given to live on but some mutants don't agree with her and her choices. Hopefully she can win over the majority before one of them kill her.

Green Lantern Corps #15
Having been stripped of his Ring and title, Guy Gardner decides that if somebody like Batman doesn't need power to help, neither does he. After shaking the right trees, he gets a lead to a big arms deal. He Lone Rangers himself in only to find out that he has just ruined a huge police sting. His own cop sister is the own left to handcuff him and arrest his jobless ass. Guy can never catch a break.

 Age of Apocalypse #10
The Resistance may have found a way to separate Logan from the god-power that is Apocalypse. In the hope of doing, it, Sabretooth blows himself up to give Jean Grey the time to be brought in. Her marriage to Logan may be the key in but her tenacity and leadership is the real reason she's been kept around. Hopefully she survives long enough for it to be true.

Winter Soldier #13
Stupid Bucky went and got himself all mind controlled again. Which lead to some great fighting and great insight/writing but not much story progression. After he's brought back, he, Wolverine, Captain America and Hawkeye all set out to bring back Black Widow from her mind control (which was the initial story after all).

 Artifacts #23
Tom Judge, after fighting the demon, is taken in along with said possessed man by the police. After excising the demon, he knows that it's just of things to come and that the Angelus is the big worry. Not much story this issue but great lead into things that should be coming.

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