Thursday, December 6, 2012

Reason 127 Amazing the Comic Sucks

For some reason, people are loving Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man but I find it utter cow pie (pun intended). It's regressed the character back to the flimsy gimmicks of the 90's. On top of that, I can't get over the blatant inconsistency of the newest hero it introduced, Alpha. Peter somehow created this kid after an experiment of his was sabotaged and it gave the kid alpha-level powers (which apparently is a first in the Marvel U and makes him the most powerful..... cough-bullshit-cough). But here's how they explained what he can do (in a nice collage I made):

Here is the only limitation that he has:

Now here's how he took down the monster at the end:

With one punch! That's at least flight and super-strength. On top of that, I would say it's also safe to assume his force-field was intact since the gigantic impact didn't liquefy him on impact. That's a count of three powers at once, in my opinion. And one issue later, we're reminded by the Jackal (who is back and cloning again. Hello 90's my old friend...) that he can only use one power. Now, I know that stories are inconsistent all the time but they're usually not done 13 pages apart. Maybe most people allow that kinda shit to happen but not me and especially not with an "alpha-level" hero introduced in that same issue. Somebody needs to tell Marvel that Slott sucks and that I shall continue to hate it until he leaves. Which is likely to never happen.

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