Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NB of the Week

Tis a good week to be an Avengers fan so let's throw the spotlight onto those that stuck out.

Avengers #2 - We Are Avengers
Ex Nihilo, while claiming to not be a villain, gives a great villain's speech about how much he isn't a villain. Turns out that the creators of everything created the Alephs to go kill off those creatures not worthy enough for the progress of creation. Once one is found, that when Aleph present their eggs. No two are the same and this Aleph gave us Ex Nihilo and Abyss to break or transform that which they encounter.
Also we get Steve and Tony in flashbacks setting up the new team.
While issue one was in-your-face amazing to get your attention, issue two is a bit slower to help further set the new stage. Definitely still a big winner. Great start.

Captain America #2
After attacking Arnim Zola and his labs in issue one, Cap was imprisoned in Dimension Z with the child that Zola had.
One year later, Steve is surrogate father to Zola's son and they try to survive day to day in this harsh environment that is always changing. Attack followed by attack followed by attack followed by more attacks, Cap and young Ian are taken captive by a civilization of monsters/creatures. Not knowing what they saying other than the word "Zola", cap watches as they behead others with his shield before taking you Ian. End issue before we see what's next.
Rick Remender is moving relatively slower in this title but it's still damn good. It's very much a Kirby-feel title and worth reading, though it is still a little tough to see how it's gonna fully read.

Hawkeye #6 - Six Days In The Life Of
The Bro Baddies come after Hawkeye, telling him they wan their building back and he has 24 hours to leave before they kill everyone in it. This is how Hawkeye spends the days around that. Trying to hook up DVRs with Stark, getting beat up, fixing problems he accidentally caused, getting more beat up. Most importantly, not running from tracksuit Bro-thugs. In one single page, we see why Hawkeye deserves to be an Avenger.
This is quickly becoming one of the best single-person oriented books out there. Fraction is doing an amazing job making me love Hawkeye. I've said it before and I'll keep going with it: Hawkeye shouldn't be this damn awesome.

Thor: God of Thunder - The God Butcher: part 3
Modern Thor takes up the Hunt for Gorr, forcing him to seek the cave where he and Gorr once fought. The place where Thor nearly died and he thought he had killed Gorr. Turns out that Gorr has been waiting for Thor after these thousand years and isn't happy. It also turns out that whatever happened in that cave the first time, may also be why Gorr is on his kill-everything-immortal bender.
 This book has been dark and amazing since Jump Street. I can't say anything bad about this series yet.

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