Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NB of the Week


Thor: God of Thunder #9 - Godbomb Part 3
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Esad Ribic

You have a monster who is killing every and all Gods he can find. You also have three Thors from different times (past, present and future). So what happens when they all meet? A hell of a lot of badass fighting.
As the Thors Three go after Gorr, they force him to feel something he has not felt in a very long time: fear. In order to fight their power, Gorr decides to start killing off the slaves/Gods he has building his bomb, their essence making him stronger and stronger. After all the fighting, the Thors force Gorr into a sun, hoping to finish him. But this is only part 3 of 5. As the dust settles, we see our ending: the sky rains down godblood, followed by the falling of three hammers, "And Thors. And Despair." Gorr stands triumphant and orders the slaves he has left to finish his bomb.
In retrospect, nine issue of GoT haven't progressed much story but every issue is absolutely, amazingly written and I love the title more and more each time. Whether it's Scalped or Wolverine or Punisher MAX, Aaron has shown that he is one of the top writers in comics today and his take on Thor only solidifies it. This book may be the second most waited for book each month from me, right behind Hickman's Avengers (but I do count all three of those monthly issues as essentially one. It's only fair). If you want something different and amazing, this is a great place to start.

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