Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NB of the Week

It's a double-dose of awesome as two books lead the pack of books this week

Brother Lono #1 (of 8)
Written by Brian Azzarello
Drawn by Eduardo Risso
It's been four years since Azzarello and Risso closed the door on the amazing series 100 Bullets but with issue one of the further adventures of it's character Lono, it's like the last issue was yesterday and they don't miss a beat. The first issue is pretty basic and essentially just (re)introduces us to the characters. Some bad people are in Mexico wanting answers and Lono needing to protect a nun. That's about it. Good old, dark writing that sets up a great mood and feel for the world it's in. A place that is very familiar to us who have read Bullets but still new and scary for readers trying it out for the first time. And if you are trying it for the first time, don't worry about the last 100 issues of Bullets. It appears that although it shares the title character and world, it doesn't look to spin directly from the stories. A great read for anybody looking for a dark and gritty tale filled with murder and mystery.

The Ultimates #26 - Disassembled: Part 2
Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Drawn by Carmine Di Giandomencia
I've read from lots of people online that they wish the last writer, Sam Humphries, could still be on this title or that Marvel should throw him on something else to showcase him. While his run definitely had it's moments, I found it overall lacking and boring. New writer Fialkov has started his run with great ease. Issue 25 was his first, but his sophomore issue is even better. Reed Richards is back in the evil chair only this time he has friends: Quicksilver, Hulk and a new, female Kang. After thoroughly beating the team last issue, the Evils have done the unthinkable: given peace to the world. They're giving food to the starving, money has no value, corporations have no secrets. Everybody lives on equal grounds. Which is exactly how you know they're plotting something bad. With an awesome fight between Hulk and Thor ("To those who want to live, I suggest you leave in the next three seconds.") and the reveal of the Power Gems location (inside Starks head?!), Fialkov is making his mark known and doesn't look to be holding back.

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