Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NB of the Week


Double your pleasure, double your fun with co-NB's of the week.

Hawkeye #11 - Pizza Is My Business
Written by Matt Fraction
Drawn by David Aja

Told entirely from the perspective of Pizza Dog, we get an amazingly emotional tale of survival and a little confusion. After find the body of the slain tenant on the roof (from two issues age), Pizza tries to sniff down a lead and finds his way back to the Tracksuit Bros who beat him to which he runs away from. Soon he's placed in charge of watching the building for Clint but the tail of another dog pulls his mind elsewhere (and who can blame him?). Thanks to that, he's able to spy the Bros going back to the rook where they meet the killer, whom Pizza finally recognizes the scent of. After an awesome fight, the dog is taken captive (technically speaking) but he escapes and heads back to Clint, who is once again arguing with Kate, who is now walking out, all belongings in tow. After calling for him, Pizza takes off with her in her car, a little unsure why they're driving away at all.
Completely wordless and told from the perspective of a dog. Wow. Pulling this off took balls. Most other books would have fallen flat with this premise but not Fraction and Aja. Another homerun for a book that continuously impresses me.

Justice League #21 - Shazam: Conclusion
Drawn by Gary Frank

Why do I only mention the artist? Because that's all that really mattered in this issue. Yeah the story was pretty cool and this ending has been building for some time (it's been smaller, back-up stories for a while now) but there is nothing that out-shines the art of Gary Frank. Every page is beautiful. Every sequence is brilliant. Shazam turns his adoptive family into his new Marvel Family (even though it didn't last), Black Adam is tricked and turned into dust (even though I'm sure it won't last), and we even got the super tiger Tawny (which also sadly did not last) and every piece of it was amazing. Even if you don't know the story or even if you just flip through the pages, there is no way you can't love the look of this issue.

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