Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NB of the Week


Earth 2 #14 - Battle Cry
Lantern, Flash and Fate arrive in Dherain ready for war. Steppenwolf has taken the place as his own and it's about time they put a stop to him. Before they get too far in, though, the Sandmen, Atom and Red Arrow stop them. Maybe it's time to work together instead of against each other. That's about to be tested as Steppenwolf's Hounds attack them all.

Avengers #15 - Sent and Received
Remember back when Ex Nihlo sent all sorts of origin bombs to Earth for it's rebirth? Well it's still hitting the fan. As the Avengers fight off a bug hoard in Australia, the cocoon that AIM took finally hatches. And by hatches I mean breaks out. Just as the Avengers are able to stop their mess, whatever it was that broke out is now coming for them (and yes we see it, but it just looks like a robot. Not sure what it is).

Dial H #14 - Threadbare Ontology
Everybody prepares for the war of the Dials (and the books cancellation at 16)... That's about all I can coherently tell you. It's an amazing book but it's just too "out there" to start explaining things now. But definitely pick up the trades once it's all done cuz it's worth it. I think.

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