Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NB of the Week

A small, fifth week means not many books but the four I got were damn good so to spread all the love, we have another week of the RUNS...

Guardians of the Galaxy #5
After the dreadful ending to Age of Ultron, Spawn's own heavenly Angela has been brought over to the Marvel Universe and she's be appearing in Guardians. This issue mostly just served as her setup but we do find that Ultron's "destruction" of the space-time continuum has left Peter Quill with a vision of things that were. Or could be. Or something like that and it looks as though this is the reasoning as to how he and Thanos came back from Imperative but not Richard Rider, which is a damn shame cuz I know I'm not alone in wanting him back as well.

Daredevil #29
Last issue, an old, childhood bully of Matt's came looking for some help. As a former member of the Serpent Society, he's been marked for death and needs some legal help. Murdock agrees but the bully is shot at the end of the last issue. This issue played to Waid's writing strength as Daredevil is able to save the bully's life but he finds out even more: the Serpents appear to have their racist, nihilistic hands everywhere and if that's true, his city could be in a lot of trouble.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24 - City Fall: 3
The Turtles rush Casey to the hospital after being stabbed through by Shredder. After they get him the help he needs, they leave him to recover and they head back out after Leo, who has been taken by Shredder (this dude is pretty bad and definitely badass). As they "team" with Old Hob (villain turned helper turned villain again) they are brought to The Foot where they are attacked by none other than Leo, who has been brain-washed by Shredder and is now after their blood just as he is.

The Ultimates #28
Reed and his team are still making the world "better" while hunting their own agenda. Hulk and Thor had a huge smack-down in which Hulk was the definite victor. Cap is beat. Hawkeye is blind. After killing Tony Stark, Reed goes after his armor and tech only to find that that may the one place Stark was smarter than him in as he finds it's all been booby-trapped. No matter. He knows another body that should be able to sustain the Infinity Gem he pulled from Stark's brain: his comatose and technically still brother-in-law Johnny Storm. Oh, and Stark's body may be dead but it looks as though his brain is still alive in his tech, making him now a true iron man.

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