Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guilty Pleasure #5

Pitch Perfect
I hate that I love this movie so much. It was better than I expected and I certainly enjoyed it but I find myself watching it three or four times a week. It is probably the most watched movie for me of the year, which is a very sad thing to admit. However, I have a theory as to why.
Anybody who has spent enough time with me (especially in my car) knows that I love to sing. I'll belt out anything. Kansas to System of a Down. Five Finger Death Punch to Disney. I'll sing it all. What Pitch does for me is something that I feel few movies do and that's make me want to do what it is the movie is doing. I watch Jackie Chan and I don't wanna flip a ladder around while beating the crap outta people. I watch Christopher Reeves and I don't fight the urge to fly. But I watch Pitch Perfect and I find myself having to stop from singing with each song (which is also sad since I don't like the type of music they sing). I can't think of many movies that do that to me.
Pitch Perfect is not everybody's cup. I know a good share who don't understand why it took off the way it did and that's fine. For me, it hit a great spot and I can't help but stop and watch it whenever I see it.
Plus it's got some mighty fine ladies dancing and singing for me.

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  1. I think you should buy the soundtrack, learn all the songs, and put on a one-man show. Also, Anna Kendrick is adorable so that makes it okay.