Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NB of the Week

It's a good, smaller week which means it's time to give y'all the runs...

New Avengers #8 - What Maximus Made
Lots of progression in this issue. Reed and Tony are meeting and planning for big things with the incursions. Black Bolt shows Medusa that he's had Maximus building something not so great. Black Panther reveals to Namor that Wakanda has attacked and is slaughtering his people. Oh, and Thanos' army has arrived on Earth, leading into Hickman's Infinity event. Lots of awesome progression and set-up.

Hawyeye Annual #1 - West Coast Hawkeye
Kate Bishop has grown tired of Clint's antics and has moved on to LA. Following her there is Madame Masque, still looking for payback after their last encounter. What ensues is absolute proof that Fraction is a genius. Not only is Clint awesome but Kate hasn't been this cool since her fist Young Avengers stint. This issue shows how badass she can be while setting up a new environment for her to play in.

Hunger #1 (of 4)
Age of Ultron (the comic) has broken time and space and everything is now open. This is exactly how our regular universe Galactus has made his way over to the Ultimate-verse, leaving Ultimate Nova (Rick Jones) to finally become the universe's protector. The Problem? Ultimate Gah Lak Tus and Galactus (while it tried to feed on Galactus) have merged together, giving Galactus tiny Gah Lak Tus minions as his new herald(s?). Rick Jones is gonna be in trouble.

Captain America #9
As we wait for the big ending in issue #10, we kinda get mind-humped here. Sharon Carter has arrived telling Cap that he's only been cone minutes and not the decade he has lived in Zola's dimension. It's a little unclear what's the truth right now but I'm excited to find out what is.
Justice League Dark #22 - Trinity War: Part 3
Wonder Woman brings in JLDark because she thinks Clark has been taken over by magic beyond what they know. And members of all 3 teams involved fight.... That's about it. Great story but nothing much happened to move the story forward.

Ultimate X-Men #29 - World War X: Part 1
Jean Grey leads the mutants on Tian and Utopia on Earth is just making it worse for them all (she feels) so she sends a message in the form of a living pesticide that will kill Utopia (itself a sentient being). If mutants won't join Tian, Tian won't let them ruin what they're trying to make.

Uncanny Avengers #10
The Four Horsemen of Death begin they're strike on the UA. Reaper goes after Wonder Man, Sentry goes after Thor (no longer filled with the Void), Banshee takes Scarlet Witch and Daken goes after his father, Wolverine. Remender is turning this title into a personal favorite more and more with each issue.

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