Friday, October 31, 2014

(Late(er)) NB of the Week


Saga #24
The Brand finally finds her way to The Will's ship, expecting to find him only to find Gwendolyn, Sophie and Lying Cat instead. After a quick scuffle (as always), Brand believes them about The Will and will do what she needs to find her brother (her wha?!). Back in the real world, we end our current arc with the surprise that Marko and Prince Robot are together, both determined to find their families. Damn this next three month wait.

Guardians of the Galaxy #20
Screwed by Bendis again. Just as it's getting good, he pulls the rug right out from us. In it's Original Sin tie-ins, we were finally going to get the reason why Richard Rider (nova) didn't make it back from the Cancerverse. And after four issues and $16 later, we're told he sacrificed himself to send the others back. That's be great except it's bullshit. He's in a dimension where death doesn't happen! Not to mention it stifles the amazing ending DnA wrote in Thanos Imperative. Stupid.

Wonder Woman #35
Azzarello ends his amazing run on the title as Wonder Woman goes against First Born for the fate of all. In the cliche of it all, Wonder Woman finds that she doesn't need to define herself with any one title for she is always Wonder Woman and will always be strong enough. After Zeke sits on the throne, we find that he is actually Zeus incarnate and Zolla is Athena. After pleading for the innocent, Athena leaves the body and Diana to help lead this little group to something better. A great ending to a great run.

Justice League United Annual #1
The Legion of Superheroes travels back in time in order to kill the young child, Ultra, that the JLU just saved. Turns out that should he live, he will cause great death and destruction. So they come back to kill him. Which is always the smart thing to do with time travel. Hawkman's not dead but we don't really know why yet. The Infinitus Saga has just started and it's sure to be a bumpy ride.

Inhuman #7
Oh Maximus, how your ways are such of trickery. Maximus the Mad has been keeping Black Bolt under his influence this whole time and two Inhumans have finally found out. So what does Maximus do? Why he lets them have a word with Bolt. Mass destruction leaves us with some dead and Maximus with the upper hand. This series is really getting impressive.

Earth 2: World's End #4
This issue was a little bit everywhere as we really just get a lot of little things happening. But we end with the heroes going into one of the fire pits, trying to stop Apokolips and the Horsemen only to find Desaad waiting for them. Not sure that scares or intrigues me. Maybe next week.

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