Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NB of the Week


Thor #1 - If He Be Worthy
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Russell Dauterman

When Marvel announced (on The View...) that Thor was relaunching and a female was going to pick up the mantle, lots of people lost their minds. Worlds were shattered, childhoods were ruined, and apparently the penis of many a man fell off. That's just how horrible it was to some that a female was becoming Thor. Move forward two months and we have what I see as the next, logical, amazing step in Aaron's amazing Thor run.
Devastated from the loss of his worthiness (Fury whispered something to him in Original Sin, though what was said is still a mystery), Thor can only sit in despair and he fells lost and confused. But there is no time for pity as Malekith and frost giants have attacked a Roxxon underwater facility on Midgard. Imbued by the words of his mother ("Rise, my son, and let the hammer be damned. Rise and remember the hero that you are."), Thor picks himself up and heads off to battle. Armed with Jarnbjorn, he rides, bringing down the monsters. However, Thor may have let his pride get in the way of thinking as he is not as strong as he once was. Thor is beaten. Malekith takes Jarnbjorn and with one swipe separates Thor from his arm. Malekith and the giants leave as Thor sinks to his obvious demise (sarcasm). Cut back to the moon (where the hammer has been left) and a figure walks in:
"There must always be a Thor."
 And with that one line, we get a last page introducing us to the new Thor.
As mad as people wanna be about this, Jason Aaron hasn't missed a step. If you have be a fan at all of his God of Thunder stuff, this is the next story in it all and is just as strong. The identity of Thor is still a mystery and will likely be a for a while more however this issue hints that it could be Previous Thor's mother, Freyja. With Odin back, she is told that there is no place for an All-Mother anymore and becoming the power of a God that Odin himself cursed as only for the worthy would be a great way to show him that his words are lost. As goes with many other books, Aaron has proven himself in my book and here for whatever ride he wants to take me on.

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