Friday, October 31, 2014

(Late(er)) NB of the Week


Saga #24
The Brand finally finds her way to The Will's ship, expecting to find him only to find Gwendolyn, Sophie and Lying Cat instead. After a quick scuffle (as always), Brand believes them about The Will and will do what she needs to find her brother (her wha?!). Back in the real world, we end our current arc with the surprise that Marko and Prince Robot are together, both determined to find their families. Damn this next three month wait.

Guardians of the Galaxy #20
Screwed by Bendis again. Just as it's getting good, he pulls the rug right out from us. In it's Original Sin tie-ins, we were finally going to get the reason why Richard Rider (nova) didn't make it back from the Cancerverse. And after four issues and $16 later, we're told he sacrificed himself to send the others back. That's be great except it's bullshit. He's in a dimension where death doesn't happen! Not to mention it stifles the amazing ending DnA wrote in Thanos Imperative. Stupid.

Wonder Woman #35
Azzarello ends his amazing run on the title as Wonder Woman goes against First Born for the fate of all. In the cliche of it all, Wonder Woman finds that she doesn't need to define herself with any one title for she is always Wonder Woman and will always be strong enough. After Zeke sits on the throne, we find that he is actually Zeus incarnate and Zolla is Athena. After pleading for the innocent, Athena leaves the body and Diana to help lead this little group to something better. A great ending to a great run.

Justice League United Annual #1
The Legion of Superheroes travels back in time in order to kill the young child, Ultra, that the JLU just saved. Turns out that should he live, he will cause great death and destruction. So they come back to kill him. Which is always the smart thing to do with time travel. Hawkman's not dead but we don't really know why yet. The Infinitus Saga has just started and it's sure to be a bumpy ride.

Inhuman #7
Oh Maximus, how your ways are such of trickery. Maximus the Mad has been keeping Black Bolt under his influence this whole time and two Inhumans have finally found out. So what does Maximus do? Why he lets them have a word with Bolt. Mass destruction leaves us with some dead and Maximus with the upper hand. This series is really getting impressive.

Earth 2: World's End #4
This issue was a little bit everywhere as we really just get a lot of little things happening. But we end with the heroes going into one of the fire pits, trying to stop Apokolips and the Horsemen only to find Desaad waiting for them. Not sure that scares or intrigues me. Maybe next week.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #18 - The Blood of Grayskull: part 5
Written by Dan Abnett
Drawn by Pop Mhan

This week was an immensely easy choice for my favorite. Ever since I was a wee lad, I was a fan of He-Man. The Masters of the Universe were the only friends I needed and that love still follows me to this day. I've bought toys, dvds, all the comics I can, posters (Boris Vallejo did an amazing He-Man vs Skeletor with Snake Mountain in the background). I love me some He-Man and the Masters. However, as one may guess from a young boy, She-Ra wasn't my cup. I had nothing against her but it's like Superman or Wonder Woman. One was the boys' favorite and one was the girls'. So color me surprised when DC revived the comics once more and Princess Adora was brought in as Hordak's evil general Despara. She was mean and ruthless and tried to kill all of the Masters. She was badass with a capital Ass. As the fighting commenced, she was slowly brought over. She regained some memory, she found out her true lineage, she rebelled against her master and now she stands with her brother, He-Man. Only on their recent journey, Prince Adam has been run through. If Adora cannot find the Sword
of Protection, she will not be able to heal her brother and she will lose her new-found family once more.
That's about all you need, This issue was pretty simple and slightly obvious but it was completely awesome. Adora gains the Sword of Protection and for the first time in this series two year tease, we get She-Ra. And I loved it. As a He-Man fan, I have come to at least respect what She-Ra brought to the story. Peanut butter and jelly. Lamb and tuna fish. Some things just go together and seeing her finally brought that to this story. She wasn't a symbol for only women and wasn't just the "honor" to Adam's "power". She was a protector of Eternia and had earned her place with the Masters. I have been a fan for many decades and I don't know that I have ever been more excited to see She-Ra. Makes me wanna claim it for the honor along with her. Well done Dan Abnett and DC. Well done.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NB of the Week

Be It By Pounds
Or Be It By Tons,
None Shall Escape
The Pressure of the Runs.

Justice League #35
Now that Luthor is a member of the League, he and Bruce Wayne have partnered companies. Yes, Wayne Tech is now in business with LuthorCorps. Only it's now what you'd think... Actually, it's probably exactly what you think. The League knows Luthor is still evil and now that Bruce is on the inside, they have the chance to catch Luthor in illegal activity. As the rest of the League waits outside, Bruce walks through everything with his new partner. Only the League isn't the only set of eyes watching as a masked man blows his way inside. As a fight emerges, Luthor goes to suit up only to find that a rupture has occurred and his secret Amazo Virus has began to contaminate everything. Finally, Johns has made the League a book worth reading.

Daredevil #9
The purple children of the Purple Man have killed their father and are now trying to find sanctuary. I think. Not actually sure what they're doing but they're wrecking havoc and have stolen a police car. Which means it's Daredevil time. Only the purple-power-of-persuasion has changed with the offspring as they cause others to feel whatever they want. Daredevil is overcome and jumps off a bridge. Only to find himself face-to-face with the not quite dead Purple Man.

Miles Morales: the Ultimate Spider-Man #11
Miles confronts Pet about how he's still alive and if he is even the real Pete as he claims to be. Along for the ride is Maria Hill and soon followed by Aunt May and Gwen. Sadly, the reunion is cut short as Norman Osborn has found his way there as well. As Pete takes the others to safety, Miles goes after Osborn now that he knows his stings can do major damage. Before he fully wins though, Osborn throws out his trump card: he knows the truth about Miles' powers and the truth about his father.

Supreme Blue Rose #4
Turns out we are in a supreme transitional instance and has lead to a "destabilisation of local spacetime" with has in turn led to a restart of time. Only something has gone wrong. A "bubble continuum" has been created and contains previous supreme instances. "Time is extremely fluid and chaotic." What does all this mean? Hell if I know. But believe it or not, it does shed light onto the first three issues. Ellis is a crazy, often brilliant writer if you can make it through.

Earth 2: World's End #2
Darkseid is coming and he's bring his new Apokolips with him. From the depths of the open fire pits from the Horsemen. As the Wonders disperse to take care of each, we focus on War as she shows why she is so aptly named. By the end, she now has Huntress, Red Tornado and Power Girl under her control. Batman and Val Zod are gonna have their hands full. DC's newest and currently third weekly title is off to a pretty good start.

New Avengers #25
Not much happening here and we essentially just see Hulk, Captain Britain, Beast and Reed Richards during what we saw last issue with Cho being captured. They spy in on his interrogation and Reed sees just how pissed Sue is with him. At the end, Black Panther contacts them saying they were betrayed and shortly teleports into the lair. He informs them that the Golden City has fallen and Wakanda is no more.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #39
Old Hob has convinced the Turtles and Splinter to give thought to his mutant army. Splinter's blood with the ooze is a mean combo and Hob wants them all to join together. Too bad Bebop and Rocksteady have come to crash the party. And in the middle of all this, Donny has stepped away on his own, feeling that Krang and the Technodrome should be the priority. Wouldn't be a Turtle comic without family tension.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NB of the Week


Astro City #16 - Wish I May...
Written by Kurt Busiek
Drawn by Brent Anderson (and one page by Alex Ross)

In Astro City, superpowers are just a part of life. Heroes and villains run around, buildings get destroyed and not every day is a good one. To live here, you have to have thick skin and hopefully a desire to do good. Having been in print for almost twenty years, writer Kurt Busiek has brought back the tough city in a new ongoing from Vertigo, focusing more on the little people instead of the big ones.
Simon Says is a bad guy. A genius, teenager bad guy. As Simon Siezmanski, he never fit in and as such, was the recipient of of many cruel bullies, mostly jocks and the sort. As Simon Says, he'll get his revenge. Except he has one request from his hero nemesis Starbright: during a 24-hour truce, he will help do good. Anything Starbright needs, Simon will use his genius for the sake of helping others. But only if Starbright does his a favor. After a day of foiling robberies and stopping attempted murders, Starbright must bring Simon the other outcasts that were once his friends for a sixteenth birthday party. Starbright has always seen the best in people and he feels that maybe he can help get to Simon so he also obliges. And it all goes well. The kids have fun everybody is fine and Starbright takes them all home after. When he returns, he finds Simon gone and also finds that the 24-hour truce is done. After a failed attempt to beat him, Starbright knows that this was a weak trap and that this was Simon's small try at a 'thank you'. As Starbright calls out to the there-but-not-seen Simon, he flies off and we jump forward in time to the present as a new Starbright finally unmasks herself as Simon Siezmanski. Turns out Simon was truly lost her whole life. The bullies all saw it and made her feel worthless for it but it was Starbright that helped her. A while after the party, Starbright was killed and was shown to actually be one of those jocks from school. One of the nice ones that Simon wrote off as another asshat bully. Simon had been wrong this whole time. Studying Bright's power of energy transformation, he was able to learn how to harness the power himself. Thinking back to those words of advice Starbright gave him after the party:
"Just be yourself. Figure out who you really are, and be that. Just as much as you possibly can. Light up the world with."
And with somebody finally looking into who Simon really was, he became a she and she is fighting the good fight in his honor.
Putting it into words, it actually sounds a bit corny but the best part of Busiek's writing is how human he can make this very inhuman book feel. Busiek has written a lot of big names: Iron Man, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Conan, the Justice League, Indiana Jones, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Spider-Man, Thor and not to mention the brilliant Marvels. Astro City may be what I see as possibly his most compassionate writing. Every issue has been strong. Every character has been made recognizable to us even though they may have Superman like powers or, hell, a vampire. This book connects and I can only hope that he is able to continue to take my money for many years to come.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NB of the Week


Thor #1 - If He Be Worthy
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Russell Dauterman

When Marvel announced (on The View...) that Thor was relaunching and a female was going to pick up the mantle, lots of people lost their minds. Worlds were shattered, childhoods were ruined, and apparently the penis of many a man fell off. That's just how horrible it was to some that a female was becoming Thor. Move forward two months and we have what I see as the next, logical, amazing step in Aaron's amazing Thor run.
Devastated from the loss of his worthiness (Fury whispered something to him in Original Sin, though what was said is still a mystery), Thor can only sit in despair and he fells lost and confused. But there is no time for pity as Malekith and frost giants have attacked a Roxxon underwater facility on Midgard. Imbued by the words of his mother ("Rise, my son, and let the hammer be damned. Rise and remember the hero that you are."), Thor picks himself up and heads off to battle. Armed with Jarnbjorn, he rides, bringing down the monsters. However, Thor may have let his pride get in the way of thinking as he is not as strong as he once was. Thor is beaten. Malekith takes Jarnbjorn and with one swipe separates Thor from his arm. Malekith and the giants leave as Thor sinks to his obvious demise (sarcasm). Cut back to the moon (where the hammer has been left) and a figure walks in:
"There must always be a Thor."
 And with that one line, we get a last page introducing us to the new Thor.
As mad as people wanna be about this, Jason Aaron hasn't missed a step. If you have be a fan at all of his God of Thunder stuff, this is the next story in it all and is just as strong. The identity of Thor is still a mystery and will likely be a for a while more however this issue hints that it could be Previous Thor's mother, Freyja. With Odin back, she is told that there is no place for an All-Mother anymore and becoming the power of a God that Odin himself cursed as only for the worthy would be a great way to show him that his words are lost. As goes with many other books, Aaron has proven himself in my book and here for whatever ride he wants to take me on.