Thursday, February 4, 2010

Travolta Can Still Be Cool

Watched From Paris With Love last night and I give it my stamp of approval. Cool flick. They keep boasting how it's from the guys who did Taken, but I wouldn't quite put it at that level. Loved Taken, really Like Paris. And much the opposite of Pelham 123, John Travolta was pretty cool as the bad-ass. I think the main difference between the two is that in Pelham, he's a stock-broker gone bad. Just suppose to be a mean dude. And Travolta didn't do that for me. In Paris, he's a bit more cocky. Not really bad as much as he knows he does dirty work and why not enjoy it if ya get to do it. Cool flick. Worth watching if ya get the extra two hours


  1. Travolta can STILL be cool? STILL? He was cool some time before? We're talking about the guy from Welcome Back Kotter and Saturday Night Fever right? Or would that be the guy from Look Who's Talking, or Look Who's Talking Too, or Look Who's Talking Now? Talking Dogs Man! TALKING DOGS!!!!!!

    Seriously though, on your recommendation I may have to give this a watch.

  2. Ah Crap. I forgot Battlefield Earth!

  3. How you forgot Battlefield Earth is beyond me. And yes, he starred with "talking" dogs, hence why this movie shows that he can still be cool.