Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yes, I Do Sometimes Think

So, there have been some things on my mind of late and I shall release them upon you.

First: People with signs asking for food or money or work. I get it. The economy sucks and its hit some of us more than others and I'm sorry. It sucks. It really does. And I would imagine finding a nice job like your last one is extremely difficult and getting back into a life you are comfortable with is gonna be hard. But there's a goddamn McDonald's behind you and they hire any- and everyone! Standing your lazy ass on a corner, begging for others to now pay your way isn't going to help! No, it's not going to get you the same money you used to make or the same life you used to have, but have some damn dignity. It's still gonna make you more money than what that Dodge Caravan is gonna give ya.

Second: Jeph Loeb is still not a good writer. As horrible as it may make me sound, Loeb hasn't been a good writer since his son died and maybe he should stop for a while. Fallen Son was decent but it wasn't anything mind-blowing. And Soulfire and Hulk: Gray were ok. But I'm talking good Loeb like Spider-Man: Blue. Dark Victory. For All Seasons. Those are amazing and still are to this day. Blue was in 2002 and the others were both over a decade ago. Ultimate X came our today and it just re-solidifies it for me. Granted, I'm pretty sure Marvel gave him the blueprints and he just built it, but come on. We now have to have an Ultimate version of Wolverine's son? Who incidentally has some sort of Colossus power too (and by the way, having ultimate Colossus gay doesn't help with that image either)? The man needs to step away for a while and realize what he's good at doing.

Last: Siege is damn awesome! It's certainly not up to par with Blackest Night but Siege is only two issues in and I already love it! Screw Norman Osborn! But with the Sentry as his pet now, he's got all the power he needs. If you really don't care, ask in a comment who Sentry kills in issue 2. Total Bad-Ass. And the ending to issue 2 is amazing. Probably one of my favorite endings in a very long time. And with Siege being only 4 issues long, the action is just piling up. Great read and worth the 3.99 price tag.

I hope the rants weren't too long but if they were, oh well. It's my blog and I can do what I want.
See? Whatever I want.

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