Saturday, July 17, 2010

Parents Need To Shut Up

Alright, so I get home from work and find my computer still on. As I go to turn it off, I decide to check if I missed anything worth reading while at work and I boy did I. I read this rant from some lady. There's a spot above the main picture to scroll to the next page. You'll have to go through them all to get her full letter.
Angry Mom
Now I have my retort: Then don't go to the f-ing movies! First, if your theater only offered it in 3D, then your theater is a crap hole of a place and you shouldn't be going there anyway. But if all you are gonna do is complain about the pricing, then walk out. It's really that simple. Nobody is forcing you to pay for a ticket. You can leave if you are unhappy with paying that price. What you don't get to do is pay it and them bitch and moan about it later. It was your choice. To go there; to pay the price; to sit through it. All you're choice.
And you claim Despicable Me wasn't your first disappointment either. That makes you stupid. If you are unhappy with something a first time, don't try it a second time. Or a third or a fourth. You wanna stop using water? Get a fan. You went to the movies for the same reason all mothers do: to get your kids to stop bothering you. And it has nothing to do with your parenting skills. It's simply an easy tool that parents have found to get theirs kids to stop running around like idiots and making noise. It's the same with a television set. You don't get to use the movies to your advantage and then complain about it. You can't have it both ways.
And your budgeting skills are for crap. You claim to have saved money for upwards of six months in case you need it and yet $43 made you have to not buy groceries. That probably should have been thought through before you agreed on paying for the movie tickets. And taking food off the table for your family because you decided to see a movie? That one does make you a bad parent.
And ya wanna know why 3D pricing is so high? Because of the price each theater corporation has to pay in order to get one digital projector that is capable of showing a 3D movie. Now those are ridiculous prices. So not only do you pay the extraordinary high price for a regular movie, but a surcharge is added to pay off that machine as well. The pricing all stems from the ladder of greed that all successful businesses are made from. Not to mention that Despicable Me was made for around $70 million. Guess how they get their money back.
Nobody likes movie ticket prices. Nobody. 3D or otherwise. They are too expensive and it is ridiculous. I absolutely agree with that. You wanna know what else is ridiculous? Watching Harry Potter when you could teach your kids to read it instead. Trust me, it's a better story anyway. Putting a movie out in 3D is absolutely a gimmick. But it's no less a gimmick then putting one out in 2D. It's all a way to take your money for a product of entertainment. If you don't like the price to pay for that product, then don't. Walk away. It really is that simple.


  1. How 'bout see it in 2d, or better yet, most cities have a 2nd run "cheap seats" theater, wait a little bit and see it there. Or if you really can't afford it, tell your kids that and redbox it when it comes out on DVD!

  2. Exactly. I hate when people bitch about the pricing, pay it and then still bitch about it. There is more than just the one option.