Thursday, September 22, 2011


Comics fans abroad are pretty pissed off about a certain page in the new Catwoman that began this week. What image? This one.
Catwoman and Batman "having sex". For some reason this is a big problem for a lot of readers. They see it as demeaning towards women and regressing the character of Selina Kyle to no more than a whore or a hussy. Apparently they had forgotten about the three previous pages that had Catwoman being the seducer and aggressor.
And let's not forget that this is a character that has always used her sex appeal as a means to get her way, that she runs around stealing (along with many other "immoral" acts to boot), carries a whip as her primary weapon and wears a leather jumpsuit that is four sizes to small.
And what part of this new start to Catwoman are people not caring about? This one.
Where she beats the loving hell out of a dude. But as always, put all the language and violence you want as long as you don't allow any skin in a sexual nature to be seen.
Selina Kyle is a strong, confident character who has always paved her own path. She has always owned her body and her sexual prowess and has actually slept with Batman/Bruce Wayne many time. This is nothing new to the character. People just don't like that a male writer is the one doing it.
Get over it. It's a fake character and you have no life. Trust me. We can smell our own.

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