Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NBs of the Week

That's right. Multiple. This week was a pretty damn good week and I had some hard time trying to narrow it down so I choose a few. I'll try not to ramble about each one (yes, I know how I get at times) but it was a good week so bare with me.

New Avengers #16 - Fear Itself
With all the crazy stuff going on with Fear Itself, everyone was expecting the Avengers' tie-ins to be the biggest of all the tie-ins and it hasn't shown more than here as Daredevil joins the team. When the shit hits the fan, you do what you gotta do to save people. So after taking out hordes of Nazi robot fighter thingies (the technical term), DD runs to Avenger's Mansion as it's being hit, in time to save Luke and Jessica's baby. Cage definitely says it best:
"He is driven by demons deeper than anything anyone you know has ever been driven by. And I'm telling you, in this business, all of us are demon-driven. And even on that level he still defines himself by his drive and dedication. People gonna ask: is Daredevil Avengers material? In my opinion, and I don't mean to be all corny, but to me the question is: Are the Avengers Daredevil material?"

Ultimate Spider-Man #1
If I haven't said it before, I freely admit to having my doubts about getting a new Spider-Man. I know that Bendis is still with it, but it felt a little like killing Peter was only done to make way for more ethnicity.
And so far, I am completely wrong. I may have a shotty memory at times, but this issue didn't even bring up his skin color at all.
Turns out, that Osborn tried to recreate the success of Spider-Man a long time ago before he went publicly crazy. As one of his labs was robbed (by Deadpool?), one spider got loose and climbed into the bag of money and goods. Later, after the goods wound up in his uncle's hands, young Miles Morales was bitten by the spider. And so on and so forth. (and he even has a new power already, being able to turn "invisible" and blend into his surroundings)
The best thing I can say about this issue is that it made me feel like I was reading the first Ultimate Spider-Man, for the first time, all over again. I honestly was very surprised to have liked it this much. It's a great start and I feel sorry for all those that were unwilling to give a new Spidey a chance. You missed out on a great issue.

Uncanny X-Force #15 - The Dark Angel Saga: Chapter 5
Points to made made from this issue:
1) Psylock is still a badass.
2) The life seed can do some pretty scary things to the world.
3) When Deadpool gets real anxious, "Lil' Wade pulls up to hide inside Big Wade."
4) The new Deathlok is scary badass and can easily kill a Horseman
5) Archangel wants Psylock to be his new Horseman of Death.
6) You're still not buying this book. Why the hell aren't you buying this book?!

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