Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NB of the Week

Wonder Woman #1 - The Visitation
So far, of all the "New 52" books, this one may have to go to the top. It may be the only book thus far that I have finished reading and didn't want to wait for the next issue to come out.
The issue begins with a all black figure (with glowing eyes and mouth) talking to three ladies atop his penthouse suit, talking about his father being a "king". He then proceeds to shove said ladies off the roof. It then jumps to a barn in Virgina, as a lady clothed only in what looks like peacock feathers, cuts the heads off two horses. Out of those bodies and wounds, starts to emerge bloody hands and heads... This leads to a blue man in a house telling a lady her and her child have to leave before it's too late. This lady (named Zola) has no idea who this blue man is nor what child he speaks of. Before ya know it, two Centaurs burst through the door (I presume they are what was formed from the decapitated horses). Blue man gets nailed by an arrow, handing a key to Zola. After taking it, she is transported to a loft in London where she finds a sleeping Wonder Woman, who of course comes to he rescue after hearing her story. They both take the key and it somehow takes them back to the farm. After fighting the Centaurs and chasing them off, we get answers. Turns out the blue guy is Hermes, come to save the lady and her unborn child. Which happens to be the child of Zeus. Cut back to mystery Black figure and he is now talking to the three ladies as they float in the air, seeming to be vessels for the Fates, telling him of what has transpired. The three ladies burn up and die. End issue one.
... What the hell? This was a kind of a weird story but I loved every page of it. It appears that Diana is not an ambassador to the US and that the Gods are kinda dicks. I like it. Writer Brian Azzarello is definitely on his game with this one and I am very excited to see what else he brings. DC may have hit a home run with this one. At least for now. Let's not forget how many times it's been messed up in the past...

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