Friday, March 30, 2012

Guilty Pleasure #1

Miss Congeniality
I know people out there would disagree with my term of "guilty pleasure" for this movie but that's why it's mine and not theirs so suck you people who would do such things suck it well.
Anywho, for those who have lived in a cave for the last twelve years (yes, it's been that long), Miss Congeniality is about a homely FBI agent who must pose as a pageant contestant in order to find the killer who is threatening to blow it and everybody involved with it up. This one goes on the list because it's Bullock and a "chick flick" (another disagreeable term, I know). As a 28-year old male, I shouldn't like either of those descriptions but this one has just enough dirty to work. I mean, her undercover name is Gracie Lou Freebush, for Pete's sake. Not only does Bullock manage to make the humor a bit more "male" but alongside her is the great Michael Caine who plays the man responsible for turning Agent Hart into Miss Freebush. Caine is great in everything he touches, even is it's a crappy Jaws movie (look it up if you didn't already know).
This movie doesn't scream amazing at me but I find myself watching and enjoying it most times that I see it's on. One of the few "chick flicks" that moves far past the chick part.
Favorite Quote:
"Describe your perfect date."
"That's a tough one... I'd have to say April 25th because it's not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket."

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  1. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie as well. It ain't ever gonna be a movie I own, but I'd also probably stop and watch if I saw while flipping channels.