Thursday, March 8, 2012

NB of the Week

Thanks to work and being a little under the weather, it's a day late.
Deal with it.

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #9 (of 9)
Here's the set-up to this mini: the Young Avengers go after Scarlet Witch after learning she's alive (two of the members are the twins that her and Vision had from many, many years ago, which is a long story in and of itself). After finding her, they also find out that she is "not herself" anymore and plans on marrying Doctor Doom. The Avengers and the X-Men get involved, both claiming responsibility for Witch and both being pissed at the Young Avengers for doing this after they were told to stay away. At the end of issue #8, we were left with the death of Scott Lang's daughter, Cassie (Stature).
Angry that Doom killed Cassie, Iron Lad demands they jump into the time stream and save her. They had every chance to stop this and they still could. When Vision gets involved, disagreeing that they need to leave it be and not mess with the time stream, Lad goes more ape shit and "kills" vision. With or without their help, Iron Lad is going to jump the time stream and fix everything. In case you didn't read the first YA series, Iron Lad is a young Kang the Conqueror, trying to prevent himself from being that person. It's in this moment that the YAs see him turn towards that path as he leaves them for good. The rest of the issue is pretty much just finishing loose ends. Cassie and Vision and laid to rest, the YAs disband and call it quits and Scarlet Witch vows to make right everything she has ruined. We see the YAs sitting out during the latest Marvel events (reasoning why we didn't see them during).
Months later, Ms. Marvel comes for the YAs, saying that Cap wants to see them. As they come to the mansion, they are surprised to hear Cap commend them. They found Witch when the Avengers couldn't and they put their lives on the line against Doom to save her and their friends. In his eyes, as Young Avengers or not, they've earned their title as Avengers. We are given a last page of them seeing Scott Lang in front of the mansion standing by a memorial statue of Cassie and Vision.

Not a "lot" happened in this issue but it's the perfect ending to this perfect story. This is the YA story we've been looking for every since they first came out in 2005. My only complaint was the scheduling. It was nine issue, bi-monthly. That's too long for this nerd to wait. Heinberg and Cheung should be the only ones working on these characters and I hope to see more from them at some point.

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