Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NB of the Week

Wonder Woman #7 - il gangster dell'amore
A few more players are thrown into the God-mix as Diana tries to retrieve Zola from Hell (she was taken by Hades after Diana played he and Poseidon against Hera. Pretty bold for just barely finding out that she's one of them). After bringing Eros into their ragtag group, he shows them the way to Hephaestus who shall also help with weapons and such. Because fighting Gods is very tough to do with open had-slaps and harsh words. However, Heph serves a much larger purpose for this story: he informs Diana that all his helpers and workers are actually the male Amazons. As it goes, "thrice a century", the ladies would go out and essentially whore themselves out to boatmen and whatnot, getting all sexed up. Dreamy as it may sound, they then killed the dudes so the bliss is short lived. Nine months later, the Amazons celebrated the births of their daughters. And quickly traded Heph the sons for weapons. Instead of letting them be thrown off a cliff and killed, he put them to work, gave them a purpose and a life and raised them as his own. WW towards the end of the issue tries to free her brothers (a title she has never claimed or said before) only to find that fact for herself as they plead for the life of Heph and convince her they were actually happy. Hephaestus holds no ill-will, though, as he knows this is all new to her and she has been lied to as most are. He tells her to get some rest, "for tomorrow, you can go to hell."
I feel like a broken record with this one and X-Force. Azzarello has WW down. It's that simple. This is still one of the best books DC is doing and it deserves to be read.

Close Calls
Supercrooks #1
Mark Millar starts another "soon to be movie" comic from Marvel/Icon. A group of villains leave the over-protected America for Spain where heroes don't roam every street. Millar has some great and fun ideas with these Millarworld books and I've enjoyed them all so far. Plus he curses a lot and I tend to like that.

Justice League #7
Gene Ha steps in as filler pencils in the title & team's first, current-timed story. They have to fight the new villain called Spore before he kills his ex-wife. In a back-up, Johns and Gary Frank begin the restart of the new Shazam.


  1. Damn, I need to stop reading real books and start reading comics again.

  2. I wouldn't go so far as to say stop reading the real books but...