Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NB of the Week

Switching things around a bit this week on y'all (all three). I honestly thought Uncanny X-Force was the best book I read today (surprise) but I only ever give ya that rundown and you should know there is plenty of other great stuff our there. So here are the Hits of the Week:

The Mighty Thor #12 - After being replaced with Ulik the Troll and made to be forgotten by everyone, Thor kills the Demigorge (the God eater) and returns to Asgardia (yes, Asgardia now that Odin left) to reclaim his title and remind everybody of exactly why he's the Mighty Fudgin' Thor!

Daredevil #10 - DD follows the trail of bodies (literally) to the Mole Man. Turns out Mole was stealing all the coffins and bodies looking for the one lady that didn't judge him before he went all Mole Man and wanted to tell her how much he appreciated and loved her. Yeah. He was getting pretty creepy with that Corpse. Either way, Mark Waid has been telling some great stories with this new relaunch.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8 If you're pissed at the movie changes right now, this book has all the right changes to make ya smile again. It's rebooting the characters with modern takes. Mysterious General Krang wants Baxter Stockman to make him the perfect soldiers and Splinter and the Turtles are proof that his chemicals work. In the background is Shredder (which we have only seen once but know he's currently working against Krang) so ya know some awesome ninja action is on it way, more so than they have given us so far.

Avengers 24.1 - Vision is back and dealing with a world that he no longer recognizes. And by that, I mean he's seeing that his wife is the crazy that's been tearing everything he did know apart. Cap is the only one who can help, telling him "There's nothing back there for you now. For people like us -- everything is that way -- forward. You need to look forward."

Spaceman #5 (of 9) - Honestly, not sure how to sell ya this one. Brian Azzarello is writing a story about a broken world where a test space-ape is the rescuer of a kidnapped girl only to be mistaken and..... something. It's a bit weird and confusing so I'm gonna hold judgement until I can read the whole thing at once.

FF #16 - Future Franklin has his own herald and it's a Galactus who just wiped the floor with Celestials from another dimension. All you can do now is clean and rebuild. Oh, and give Doctor Doom his own legion of Doombots, a new kingdom and a flippin' Infinity Gauntlet glove!?!

Aquaman #7 - Black Manta is looking for Atlantian artifacts that Aquaman and The Others have. Who are The Others? I have no idea yet but with Manta killing the first one in the first pages, they had better wake up and get to work.


  1. Nice!! Comics sound bad ass right now!!

  2. There are some real sweet ones out right now. Fo sho.