Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marvel is Not Rebooting...

Kinda. That we know of. That they claim.
Marvel has now announced that their current Event title Avengers Vs X-Men is leading into some big changes. Primarily the launch or relaunch of many new titles. Beginning on October and going through February, each week will have at least one new launch or relaunch. As of today, only three new books have been announced:
Avengers is turning into a biweekly title with Jonathan Hickman writing and Jerome Opena drawing. Hickman has been amazing on both Fantastic Four books and Ultimates (which he is currently working his way out of) and Avengers should be a great fit. Opena has made the spectacular Uncanny X-Force his own. Not being on it is a little saddening but I'm excited to see what he does for Avengers.
All-New X-Men is the long rumored X-Book that Brian Michael Bendis is doing. It stars the original five X-Men, from the past as they time travel to modern Marvel and are not very happy with what they find. Bendis calls it time travel more like Pleasantville than Back to the Future.
Uncanny Avengers is the one I'm most excited for and is by Rick Remender with art by John Cassaday. It's a blended book of both Avengers and X-Men and includes Captain America, Thor, Rogue and Havok. Anybody who reads my rambles knows how much love I have for Remender's writing and adding the amazing pencils of Cassaday may be too good to bare.
With only Uncanny starting in October, there should be a bit more revealed through the weeks until the full October solicitations are given. Marvel has also said that there are new costumes (as per the picture) so we can expect many complaints about those (Cyclops is the first to come to mind. And yes, that is him in the corner in all red...).
What do we think? Does anybody really care as long as the stories are well told? I'm good with whatever as long as Remender stays on Uncanny X-Force and Peter David stays on X-Factor.

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