Thursday, July 19, 2012

NB of the Week

Daredevil #15
Daredevil has been kidnapped by the land of Latveria and they want to know how his senses are so heightened. In order to capture him and keep him, they have all sorts of drugged him to the point that his senses have left him. Here's why the issue won me completely over.
Trapped and out of hope, DD's body actually begins to further mutate. Possibly. His brain and nervous system were altered from the chemicals and without any senses, his body is forcing itself to react.
"Now that Beltane's taken my hypersenses, the trauma is triggering a decades-old response in my brain. It's compensating again. Struggling to kickstart eyes that have been dead for decades. Straining to reactivate the nerve cells in my ears."
Waid on this title has been amazing and this concept helps prove it. Now, DD was able to escape long enough to activate his Avengers card and Iron Man showed up to save him so we don't fully have much explaining. It's possible that his body is further changing for good. It's also just as possible that it was more like an surge of adrenaline and won't be lasting. Either way, bringing in the fact that he essentially has a radioactive nervous system and using it in such a different way is something I haven't read before and I've been faithful for the last almost 14 years.
With Marvel changing up a bunch of their titles and creative teams, my fingers are crossed that this is one that they won't touch. It's fresh and bright and people should be reading this title if they're not.

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