Friday, July 27, 2012

NB of the Week

Late! Run down time! Enjoy!

Spaceman #8 - Ape people are trying to get money from a kidnapped girl's family. I think. Should probably read all at once after it ends...

Mighty Thor #17 - Dream creatures that belong in a Del Toro movie are defeated. Thor and Donald Blake are still separated. Emo, goth rockers are the world's saviors.

National Comics: Eternity #1 - Jeff Lemire reintroduces us to the New 52 version of Kid Eternity, a man who can bring the dead back for a limited time. It's pretty much what Pushing Daisies was, which is a good think. Hopefully the story can continue after this one-shot.

The Ultimates #13 - Ultimate Cap comes back and is joining the fight to take back the US of mighty A. Thor and Iron Man are happy to see him and also join. I expect Cap top be the new president of the Ultimate U after this.

Before Watchmen: Comedian #2 - Comedian goes to Vietnam and seems to enjoy killing... Well written but not much story to add to the character.

New Avengers #28 - The Red Hulk takes is upon himself to try and assassinate Phoenix Cyclops but can't. I've loved Bendis for the past 8-years on these characters but I'm ready for new blood to take over and give me something different.

Captain America #15 - Brubaker begins his end run on Cap with New World Order part 1. More villains and more people claiming that Cap doesn't know this America anymore. Promising start but nothing new.

TMNT #12 & Casey Jones #1 - The Turtles come to Splinter's aid as they fight as one in order to defeat them and save their father. Over in Casey, we get his back-story as we find out that his dying  mother made him promise to let his father think he's the strong one when in fact, Casey is doing it for both. Very, very well written story with the most heart from any Turtles issue so far.

Green Lantern #11 - William Hand is back with the Black Lanterns and begins eating dinner with his dead family. As Hal and Sinestro begin reading the Book of Black for clues, only to find themselves transported to Hand's house during their meal.

Aquaman #11 - Turns out Manta is collecting the relics of the Dead King (the first ruler of Atlantis) for some evil purpose (Aquaman's triton being one of those relics). There is also a hidden, seventh relic: the scepter of the dead king, which is what sank Atlantis. And wouldn't ya know it, Manta gets it on the last page.

Uncanny X-Force #28 - After the (possible)death of Fantomex, Psylock takes control of Gateway (yes, that guy) and gets everybody out. And to the future. Which is pretty much Minority Report in that it's a future where Force per-emptively arrests people before they can actually do anything wrong. Grieving for Fantomex and want to end this future, Psylock runs herself through with her sword, leaving us with a final page of her laying in a pool of blood.

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