Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Boobs of the Day

Alexandra Breckenridge
In re-watching American Horror Story, there are two things that are much more clear to me:
1) If this dude also created Glee, Glee is even more shit because this show is messed up and should not be associated in any way with that crap.
B) The chick who plays young Moira is super hot (there is an old and young Moira for she is cursed - Men see her as the temptress she looks like and women see her for the soul she really is). As a seductress of Mr Dylan McDermott (the lead male), we see quite a bit of her. More then should probably be allowed on basic cable, actually. No complaint from me though. She's hot and I want her at the weekly meetings. She's part of the club now.
(Editor's note: Ms Breckenridge was apparently in True Blood where you see more of that-which-is-not-basic-cable. If you get my meaning...)

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