Thursday, August 16, 2012

NB of the Week

As with every issue, Saga #6 was the creme de la creme of the crop this week. Instead of going on about how amazing it is once again (which it truly is), we'll hit up the Best of the Rest.

Avengers #29
The Avengers go after Rachael Summers as they see that the psychics are their main threat. Xavier steps in to sorta stop them all, saying how sad it is that his dream has died. That dude is always such a downer.

Uncanny X-Force #29
Turns out Psylock can't even kill herself if she wanted to as future Punisher helped save her (the irony was not lost on her). The Forcers go back to the present to try and stop the new Brotherhood.

X-Factor #242
Shit is falling apart and falling apart fast. Guido has left the team and in this issue, Rahne is able to track down her wolf-baby-demon thing. She also decides it best to leave the team to focus on her cub. Also,  Darwin is back and isn't happy with things. Expect him to cause more trouble eventually.

Before Watchmen: Rorschach #1
Turns out that Rorschach is just as messed up as we thought. Azzarello nails the writing and Bermejo nails the art. Nothing brilliant but exactly as cool as I was hoping.

Green Lantern #12
Ah shit. Here it goes. Black Hand apparently can't kill Hal Jordan because the Book of Black in now telling him that he is not the enemy and that "Hal Jordan will be the greatest Black Lantern". To be continued in Annual #1 in two weeks where a Lantern dies and sets up the next stage of story.

Green Lantern Corps #12
The reign of the Alpha Lanterns comes to an end as one of their own, Varix, finally decides the Alphas are wrong and he helps kill off the others. As he sits in sadness to what he's done, he takes his vow as an Alpha very seriously as he kills himself for the deaths of the others. Too bad getting rid of the Alphas was all part of the Guardians plan for the Third Army. Those dudes are real bastards lately.

Wonder Woman #12
 WW fights the Gods some more as Apollo readies to take the Throne of Olympus. Zola's water breaks. Hermes gives WW a foot-wing, thus giving her the ability to fly (yet another new concept that is fraking amazing). Apollo takes the throne much to Hera's surprise (she expected Zeus to come back). Apollo exiles Hera to Earth as a mortal and Hermes steals Zola's baby, making him the shittiest friend in the DCU right now. Also, last page teases us with the new version of the New Gods and if Azzarello is behind it, I'm in.

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