Thursday, August 30, 2012

NB of the Week

Powers #11
Christian Walker has a hard life. His old partner, Deena Pilgrim is back in his life as a Fed and now he has to deal with her and his current partner, Enki Sunrise, not really connecting that well. Walker and Sunrise are detectives that handle the cases involving super-powered people and Pilgrim is the Fed breathing down their backs now. Not to mention that Walker, who used to be a powered hero, has new powers and is the secret protector of Earth. More crap on top of that, the current case being solved is a string of murders upon a group of immortals called The Golden Ones. As retribution, one of them has decided to flood the Earth and kill everyone. And that was the last issue.
All Hell is breaking loose. Trying to stop everything, Walker's ex-fiancee appears, having teleported in. Walker gave her some powers (guess how...) and she wants answers. This sets Sunrise on fire (no pun intended) because she has no idea that Walker has powers and has been lying to her. And then the flood hits. As heroes try to stop the monstrous who is causing all this, Walker's ex-fiancee is killed. When given his new powers, he was told that he was not allowed to use them on Earth. He has one response for that:
"Fuck 'em."
With that, Walker joins the fight against the Golden Ones. It is a superhero comic so it's predictable but it's still good. Heroes rise and heroes fall and the evil is stopped but not after the death toll reaches 6034, with another 1232 still missing, including Walker. So where does that leave everybody? As federal employees. After all this, all powered cases are now federal matter. That leaves us with Pilgrim and Sunrise standing together, not so happy looking.
"The world's gone to hell because of powers. Since the Golden Ones disaster we are under-funded and under-staffed and on our own. With a thousand open cases. So now you're all federal agents. And there are all-new rules."
There is no question in my mind that if Powers were ever on any kind of consistent schedule, it would be one of the best comics being published. As it stands, the months and months between issues hurt it and make it quite impossible for any new readers to get into it, let alone the old ones to remember what's happening. Even worse is that this probably the best writing you get from Bendis. Every issue is amazing and every story is fantastic. This ending is the lead into a new start, with the next issue being Powers: Bureau. Walker and Pilgrim are the ones pictured on the cover so I suppose Walker isn't dead but that doesn't matter. I'm excited for anything that Powers does. Hopefully it can get a better release schedule at some point though.

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