Thursday, September 6, 2012

NB of the Week

We've got a good week on our hands. I'll try to not focus on just one but here's the best of the best for the week.

The Punisher #15
Written By - Greg Rucka
Drawn by - Marco Checchetto
All poo-poo hits the fan as the cops swarm Frank and his partner Rachel after the baddie called them in. as gas spreads the nobody can see, we get a faint skull image following the baddie. As shots ring out, we find that Frank has gunned down the baddie and his partner has killed a detective. Oops.

Action Comics #0 - The Boy Who Stole Superman's Cape
Written By - Grant Morrison
Drawn By - Ben Oliver
DC starts their Zero Month with new back-stories to go with their new universe. In Action, we get Clark as he first sets up in Metropolis. Meets Lois. Saves a boy. Is plain awesome. This is the Superman I have wanted from Morrison but mostly all we get is jumpy stories that seem to come and go as he pleases. It's nice to have a simple, great Superman story.

Dial H #0 - Sundial H for Hero
Written by - China Mieville
Drawn by - Riccardo Burchielli
In the history of the Hero Dial, we find that a sundial was once the source of it's power and that by dialing in, you steal the power from another, in another dimension. It also turns out that the ones stolen from, don't seem to like it. I'm not sure of that how the old universe dial worked, but this is an awesome addition if not. This book is weird and very '80s British feeling and it's great.

X-Factor #243 - Breaking Points: Day 3
Written By - Peter David
Drawn by - Leonard Kirk
As the Factor team falls apart even further, we get the breakdown of Polaris this issue as she finds out the truth about her parents from Longshot's psychic impressions. She though her mother and "father" were killed by her real father, Magneto but that's not it at all. As her parents fought, she manifested her powers and she is the one who crashed the plane, killing her parents. Magneto and Mastermind came along and wiped her mind so that she wouldn't have to live with it. David keeps knocking this book farther and farther out of the park. Still loving it a decade later.

Green Lantern #0 - The New Normal
Written by - Geoff Johns
Drawn by - Doug Mahnke
Simon Baz is an Arab-American, living in Dearborn, Michigan and was only a child when the 9-11 attacks changed his life forever. Bullied, picked on and prejudiced against (is that a term or word?) and after the car plant shut down, he turned to car stealing to get by. Which is exactly why the messed up ring of both Sinestro and Hal Jordan has chosen him as the new Green Lantern now that they are "dead". Now we have a "terrorist" Lantern on the loose. Doesn't look so good for Mr Baz and his first day on the new job.

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