Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NB of the Week

Justice League #0 - Shazam!
Written By - Geoff Johns
Drawn By - Gary Frank
With the exception to issue 12, we've been given back-up stories in from Johns and Frank reintroducing the Shazam family into the New 52-niverse. Now, with issue 0, we're given the real deal. Black Adam has been released. After becoming the champion of magic, Adam killed his creators save for one. That Wizard was able to imprison him and hide the magic he used. But as I said, Black Adam has been released. It's time for the Wizard to choose a new defender. One that can take his chair on the Council of Eternity and defeat Black Adam once again. That task falls upon the shoulders of young Billy Batson. He may not be of "pure good" but he has those embers within him and time is dire. It is now his task to stop Adam from releasing the Seven Sins of Man once more and saving everyone (and presumably everything). So what's the first thing Billy does? Flip the car of the guy who's been bullying Billy and his family at the orphanage. He then saves a lady from a mugging and is rewarded with $20. Now he has the perfect chance to become rich. Looks like his life as a hero is off to a rocky and selfish start.
Johns' writing is spot on here. If you are a fan of his, this issue is gonna nail it for ya once again. And as I stated two and a half months ago, Gary Frank's art nails these characters. Every line is used perfectly and every emotion is felt. As much as you kind of root for Billy and his antics as a "child hero", you can feel just how bleak things are and will further become. Black Adam is a huge threat and I can't wait for the two of them to come head-to-head and for that moment that's going to surge Billy from bitter orphan to empowered greatness.

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