Thursday, September 13, 2012

NB of the Week

Green Lantern Corps #0 - Freshman
Written By - Peter Tomasi
Drawn by - Fernando Pasarin
As DC's Zero Month continues, we got the new back-story to Guy Gardner (possibly new? Full disclosure, I have never read the "origin" of him before so I'm not so sure how different it may or may not be).
First few pages are of Guy and a whole bunch of other, new recruits to the Corps being slaughtered by a baddie. As he's help as the final Lantern to kill, we flash back to three months prior. Having graduated from the academy, Guy's sister now joins their brother as a Baltimore police officer. Guy, having been kicked out of the force at a point in the past, has always been the proverbial black sheep in the eyes of his father, who is a retired officer himself after gunfire left his left crippled. Having to work, Guy's brother gives him two tickets to the Orioles game, hoping that he could take the old man and try to mend their gap. Which of course doesn't go well. After yelling and breaking and father passing out drunk, Guy hears over his father's police scanner that shots have been fired at a spot on his brother's cover. Guy charges in on his motorcycle, dragging his wounded brother into the cop car where his partner sits dead. as He speeds outta there, a green ring comes along and chooses him. Getting his brother to the hospital, Guy knows he can be better then that hack on the League team. Cut back to the first page baddie about to kill Guy, Guy gets that last surge of "hero-power", taking him down and earning his Lantern as a full member. He changes his spandex to the look of a leather jacket, meets his sector partner Hal Jordan and the rest is history.
I was reading the other day that this book is the lowest selling book of any book that was going before the reboot and currently still going (down 16% in sales from a year ago) and it breaks my tiny little heart. Tomasi was brilliant on this book before and I still believe he's made this book one that is a perfect companion piece to Johns' regular Lantern. It's great character built around fast action and it's one of my favorites from the New 52 right now. If you want any book outside of Johns' run, this is the Lantern book to go with.

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