Thursday, September 27, 2012

NB of the Week

The Ultimates #16 - United We Stand: Part 1
Written By - Sam Humphries
Drawn By - Luke Ross
News was released a few weeks ago that Ultimate Captain America was taking over as President of the United States. He got that call at the end of issue 15. I admit to being very hesitant towards this idea. Yeah, it seems to make sense but under the wrong writer, it could also be a train wreck and with Jonathan Hickman leaving the book a few issues ago, that was my fear. Thankfully Humphries has proven me wrong. So far.
With a quick swearing in, Cap takes off in order to take back this country. He pretty much just runs the Avengers as usual only now with highest authority in the US. He is taking names and kicking ass and the USofA is gonna be back in control in no time. Only a larger problem comes up. Thor recognized an Asgardian symbol a bit back and knows that there is still at least one more alive with him. As he follows the trail, he finds the main man behind the turmoil in the country. As he calls out Loki and demands answers, he (and I) are surprised to find that the man is not Loki but Thor's Son, Modi.
"Bow, father. Bow, and obey."
Humphries has had a hard task in writing this book. Taking over after the brilliant Hickman is difficult for most anybody and while he's been a bit "hit and miss" with it so far, this issue was definitely a hit for me. Well paced and well plotted, I can't complain much about this issue. Thor's son came outta nowhere but as a God, it makes sense that he's been planting his seed in every woman he looks at.
And I'm on board for Cap as President. Tell me where I can vote for him in November and I'm there.

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