Thursday, March 14, 2013

Drax The Destroyer

Wrestling fans rejoice!
Reports are coming in that Marvel has found their Drax for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy and they saying it's Dave Bautista. After many years with the WWE (under Batista, very creative), He's now following an acting career and MMA fighting (I think. I could be wrong on what he's actually doing). He was good in The Man With The Iron Fists but it was nothing that showcased acting from anybody, especially him, who said maybe ten words. He's also in the upcoming movie Riddick movie with Vin Diesel, which, again, will probably showcase nobody's acting.
Am I excited by this news? Meh. I think he's too big for the part, looking more " 'roided " than muscular (though this picture I found makes him look a lot smaller and more fitting in my opinion) but I wouldn't say I'm against it either. I love me some Drax but he doesn't have to recite Shakespeare to play his part so he may just surprise a lot of people.


  1. I was hoping they would go with Jason Mamoa. That would have been cool as hell.

  2. Mamoa had my vote but I'm also pretty sure I'ma love it either way.