Monday, March 4, 2013

Superman Unchained

That's the now official title of the upcoming Scott Snyder/Jim Lee Superman comic. Which bothers me. I'm actually excited to see what Snyder will do with a Superman book and I'm sure the four issues that Jim Lee gets through will look great but that title gets me. The book was announced back in October. December rolls around and Django Unchained hits pretty hard. Oscar nominations are announced and Django is up for quite a few. DC starts publishing a comic adaptation (of which 2 of the 5 are out right now). Django wins some good awards. DC names their new Superman book Superman Unchained, while still publishing Django Unchained...
While I'm all for the book, I find it sketchy that DC chose a title so close to another movie that's still basking in its glory. Is that wrong? I just don't like making that connection first. Maybe it's just me.

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